codePost release notes
codePost release notes

v2.4.31 Bug fixes and performance improvements (really!)





We've retooled much of our UI to better handle large volumes of data. In case you're interested in the details (and you're reading a changelog, so you probably are 🙃), we've implemented virtualized rendering throughout the UI. This means that long lists and tables lazily update the DOM only when a user scrolls through the list or table. Previously, we loaded all data into the DOM eagerly, whether a user needed to see it or not. This behavior was responsible for a noticeable slowdown in large classes

If you spend a lot of time in the Admin Console managing a large course, we think you'll notice things feeling a bit zippier.

v2.4.26 Easier way to add students to section





From the Roster/Sections page, you can add add students one-by-one to a section. This means you no longer have to look up each student in the Roster/Students page to add them to a section or change their section assignment.

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v2.4.17 Share a course invite code with students





When setting up your course, you can provide an invite code for students to join your course directly: no need to specify your roster in advance. You can also require students use their school emails to prevent usage of personal addresses.

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v2.4.12 Ignore template files on Moss runs





If you specify template files containing starter code for your submissions, you can now ask Moss to ignore starter code when performing plagiarism detection.

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v2.4.7 Edit student code





When student code fails a test, it can often be hard to pinpoint why without actively debugging the code: making point-by-point changes until the code works.

Now, you can perform this iterative debugging on student code straight from the code console! To access this functionality, hit cmd-k (Mac) or ctrl-k (Windows) and select "Edit code". You'll see a lightweight IDE from which you can make changes to student code and re-run tests. Changes you make won't change a student submission or be saved after your debugging session ends.

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v2.3.24 Easier environment build debugging





We've made it easier to debug your codePost Autograder environment builds by providing direct access to the Docker logs that are generated as your environment builds.

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v2.3.21 New languages added to codePost autograder!





codePost now offers pre-configured environments for

  • Haskell
  • Javascript
  • PHP
  • Ruby
  • OCaml

Use these pre-configured environments to quickly get started writing tests for assignment code in these languages. Of course, you can still add whatever packages you'd like to your environment.

If you've been configuring custom environments to work with these languages, you can continue to do or so or start using the new pre-configured environments to avoid having to manually install language distributions.

v2.3.14 Easier submission upload from your LMS





If your students submit to an LMS — like Canvas, Blackboard, Moodle, or Brightspace — you'll enjoy this feature. We've made it easier to upload submissions from your LMS to codePost.

To access the new feature, select Upload submissions => Import. From here,

  1. Upload the .zip of submissions you download from your LMS
  2. codePost will help you map files to the students in your course
  3. Voila! Submissions uploaded. No need to manually transform files into a codePost-compatible file structure.

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v2.3.8 Partner submissions





It's now possible for students to submit with partners (or groups) straight to codePost. Here's how it works:

  • First, you'll need to turn on the "allow partners" setting from the Submission tab of your assignment settings
  • After a student submits, she can generate an "invite" link to her submission
  • She can then share this invite link with her partner or group, who can join the submission through it.
  • Students can always leave a submission after joining


v2.3.5 Comment Explorer 🌎





Have you ever created a rubric comment mid-way through an assignment, and wish you could apply it to previous custom comments? Now you can do that?

Just hit CMD-K from the Code Console and type Custom Comment Explorer and then hit enter. This will bring up a window showing every custom comment you've made for that assignment. If you're an admin, you'll see the custom comments made by all graders!

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