codePost release notes
codePost release notes

v2.3.2 Student Upload Enhancements





One way that codePost helps save instructors time is by making the student submission process as smooth and clear as possible. We made some improvements to the way students submit code.

When a student submits, they now see:

  • Assignment instructions (optionally provided by an admin)
  • Information about their last submission: test results and previously submitted files

v2.2.46 Environment build scripts 🏠





We made it much easier to run basic shell commands during your environments' builds. That means you can install packages or use custom package managers.

Need more customization? Shoot us a note at

v2.2.44 Late Day Credits





Some courses like to give students late day credits, providing the option of submitting late with no penalty. codePost implements this policy in the form of Late Day Credits (which you can set from your Course Settings).

If Late Deductions are turned on for an assignment, then students can spend Late Day Credits in order to avoid a point penalty. Read more about Late Day Credits here:

v2.2.41 Deductions for late submissions





codePost now allows you to automatically deduct points for submissions that are submitted after the assignment's due date.

Just set the number of points to deduct for each day late, and students will be notified of the penalty upon submission.

Read more about submitting late submissions here:

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v2.2.29 Regrade instructions





If you're using the Assignment Regrade Request feature, you probably also have a course policy specify what information students should include in their regrade requests.

Include these instructions in the prompt so the students will be reminded before requesting a regrade.

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v2.2.25 Higher image resolution 🌫





We significantly increased the resolution of image files submitted to codePost. No more blurry images!

v2.2.24 Shareable links 🔗 for comments!





With the click of a button, you can create a URL that will link directly to a comment! Use this new feature to share comments with colleagues, or to communicate with students.

Image 2020-02-19 at 8.54.55 PM.png

Note that normal submission read permissions still apply.

v2.2.18 Limit Student Test Attempts ⏲️





You may already be exposing a subset of your tests to students. When they submit, they get to see how their code is doing immediately.

But did you know that you can limit the number of times a student can attempt automated tests for an assignment? If you limit to 10 run attempts, then a student can still update their code after the 10th attempt, but the results of exposed tests won't be revealed.

v2.2.16 Test Case Templates





Write tests faster using templates! We've assembled templates for a bunch of common unit tests (for now, bash only, but coming soon to other languages) Check them out in the Test Editor.

And if you have a test we should add to the template library, let us know!

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v2.2.11 File upload options





The codePost API offers lots of flexibility around updating submission files, tracking file histories, and overwriting previous work.

The most common functionalities are now available as options in the Submissions list.

Replace files to overwrite an existing submission.

Add / Update files to append new files without losing previous work.

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